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PostHeaderIcon Ptujska Gora

trg_150pPtujska Gora is a populated settlement on the road Ptuj – Majšperk; based around a square and famous for its splendid Gothic church, which stands on the peak of a 352m hill and is visible from afar. Ptujska Gora is one of many beautiful Gothic churches in Slovenia, which invites numerous pilgrims, tourists and visitors. In 2010, for its 600th anniversary, Ptujska Gora was proclaimed as a basilica of Mary the Patroness.

In history Ptujska Gora had various names, which included: Folk name was Črna Gora (Black mountain), the German name was Maria Neustift (Maria New Convent) and in the old documents the Latin name was Mons gratiarum (Merciful mountain).

marija_zavetnica_191pPtujska Gora is also popular for hikers and cyclists because of the picturesque views of the Dravsko polje  and Haloze, where also some hiking trails lead to and from.

Ptujska Gora offers picturesque views from all sides: from Boč to Pohorje, from Maribor to Graz in Austria and to nearby Ptuj and Slovenske gorice and towards the south over the steep, rolling country of Haloze and over to the Croatian border.
60,000 visitors visit Ptujska Gora every year.

In the square there is a tourist information centre, which is run by the local tourist association. It is open every day except in winter. There you may buy souvenirs and postcards and obtain all kinds of information regarding tourism.